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There’s been a lot of interest in improving Mozilla’s code-review process lately, so in that vein the BMO team has set up a ReviewBoard instance at for testing and evaluation.

ReviewBoard is a lot more useful than Splinter, so I suggest you try it out. One of the features I think will be most adored is proper interdiff support, made possible by the fact that ReviewBoard knows about the repo you’re working in. Tightly related is the ability to extend the context of the patch from the repo. Check out the ReviewBoard site for more.

Review apps, like most tools, are fairly contentious, so we wanted to give Mozillians a chance to try it out before we commit to it. Other options, like Phabricator, have been suggested; we happened to have been working on ReviewBoard. I’d like to hear from the greater public before settling on one for at least a few years.

For this experimentation phase, we’ve only done minimal integration with Bugzilla, namely, having ReviewBoard use Bugzilla’s accounts. You log into ReviewBoard with your Bugzilla account, and ReviewBoard’s username autosuggest is linked to Bugzilla (similarly, reviewboard-dev uses bugzilla-dev’s user database). (Note that this version of ReviewBoard doesn’t support Persona, but it should be there soon.) There’s a lot more we could do; some examples are in bug 515210. Again I’d like to hear feedback in order to prioritize our work.

I suggest using ReviewBoard much like we use GitHub pull requests. Start a review, then paste the URL as an attachment on a Bugzilla bug. Bug 922226 is on file to get redirects working for ReviewBoard reviews the way they do for pull requests.

For now, please don’t use ReviewBoard for any non-public (e.g. security-related) or really critical reviews. While the security team has gone over ReviewBoard, we’re still considering this an evaluation phase. We’ll also have to put some work into ensuring that only the right people can see non-public reviews; Bugzilla’s security system is rather fine-grained and complicated, so this will take some thought and possibly some modifications to ReviewBoard itself (don’t worry, we have several ReviewBoard developers in house!).

Finally, to get your repo added–having a linked repo is where you really see the value of ReviewBoard–either file a bug or drop by #bmo on IRC.

Please direct all feedback to To reinforce that, I’ve disabled comments on this post.