Phabricator Update

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  • Development Phabricator instance is up at, authenticated via
  • Development, read-only UI for Lando (the new automatic-landing service) has been deployed.
  • Work is proceeding on matching viewing restrictions on Phabricator revisions (review requests) to associated confidential bugs.
  • Work is proceeding on the internals of Lando to land Phabricator revisions to the autoland Mercurial branch.
  • Pre-release of Phabricator, without Lando, targeted for mid-August.
  • General release of Phabricator and Lando targeted for late September or early October.
  • MozReview and Splinter turned off in early December.

Work on [email protected] has been progressing well for the last couple months. Work has been split into two areas: Phabricator–Bugzilla integration and automatic landings.

Let me start with what’s live today:

Our Phabricator development instance is up at We’ve completed and deployed a Phabricator extension to use Bugzilla for authentication and identity; on our instance, this is tied to If you would like to poke around our development instance, please be our guest! Note that it is a development server, so we make no guarantees as to functionality, data preservation, and such, as with bugzilla-dev. Also, if you haven’t used bugzilla-dev in the last year or two (or ever), you’ll either need to log in with GitHub or get an admin to reset your password, since email is disabled on this server. Ping mcote or holler in #bmo on IRC. I’ll have a follow-up post on exactly what’s involved in using Bugzilla as an authentication and identity provider and how it affects you.

The skeleton of our new automatic-landing service, called Lando, is also deployed to development servers. While it doesn’t actually do any landings yet, the UI has been fleshed out. It pulls the current status of a “revision” (which is Phabricator’s term for a review request) and displays relevant details. It is currently pulling live data from This is what it looks like at the moment, although we will continue to iterate on it:

What we’re working on now:

The other part of Bugzilla integration is ensuring that we can support confidential revisions (review requests) in Phabricator tied to confidential bugs in a seamless way. The goal is to have the set of people who can view a confidential bug in Bugzilla be equal to the set of people who can view any Phabricator revisions associated with that bug. We knew that matching any third-party tool to Bugzilla’s fine-grained authorization system would not be easy, but Phabricator has proven even trickier to integrate than we anticipated. We have implemented the code that sets the visibility appropriately for a new revision, and we have the skeleton code for keeping it in sync, but there are some holes in our implementation that we need to plug. We’re continuing to dig into this and have set a goal to have a solid plan within two weeks, with implementation to follow immediately.

In parallel, within Lando we are working on the logic to take a diff from a Phabricator revision, verify the lander’s credentials and permissions, and turn it into a commit on the autoland branch of We have much of the first point done now, are consulting with IT on the best solution for the second, and will be starting work on the third shortly (which is actually the easiest, since we’re leveraging pieces of MozReview’s Autoland service).

Launch plans:

At the point that we have completed the Bugzilla-integration work described above, we’ll have what we need for a production Phabricator environment integrated with Bugzilla. This is planned for mid-August. We are calling this our pre-release launch, as Lando will not be complete, but we will be inviting some teams to try out Phabricator, to catch issues and frustrations before going to general release. Lando and the general rollout of Phabricator to all Firefox enginering will follow in late September or early October. We’ll have some brownbags to introduce Phabricator and our integrations, and we will ensure documentation is available and discoverable both for general Phabricator usage and our customizations, including automatic landings.

Due to the importance of the Firefox 57 release, Splinter and MozReview will remain functional but will be considered deprecated. New contributors should be directed to Phabricator to avoid the frustration of having to switch processes. Splinter will be turned off and MozReview will be moved to a read-only mode in early December.

More updates to follow!