Moving Bugzilla from Bazaar to Git

Or, how to migrate to git using only three programming languages Another aspect of Bugzilla has been dragged, kicking & screaming, into the future! On March 11, 2014, the Bugzilla source moved to We’re still mirroring to (more on that later), but the repository of record is now git, meaning it is the only place we accept new code. Getting over there was no small feat, so I want to record the adventure in the hopes that it can benefit someone else, and so I can look back some day and wonder why I put myself through these things.
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BMO in 2013

2013 was a pretty big year for BMO! I covered a bit in my last post on BMO, but I want to sum up just some of the things that the team accomplished in 2013 as well as to give you a preview of a few things to come. We push updates to BMO generally on a weekly basis. The changelog for each push is posted to glob’s blog and linked to from Twitter (@globau) and from BMO’s discussion forum, mozilla.
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There’s been a lot of interest in improving Mozilla’s code-review process lately, so in that vein the BMO team has set up a ReviewBoard instance at for testing and evaluation. ReviewBoard is a lot more useful than Splinter, so I suggest you try it out. One of the features I think will be most adored is proper interdiff support, made possible by the fact that ReviewBoard knows about the repo you’re working in.
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Mid-August BMO news

A lot of people probably don’t know that I manage the team behind BMO, that is,, Mozilla’s Bugzilla installation. Work on BMO is continuous and incremental, and even really useful features often take a while to percolate through the community, so I thought I’d try to draw attention to some recent improvements that should get you pumped to open a Bugzilla tab. Suggested Reviewers A really exciting, and long-awaited, feature is suggested reviewers.
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